Pay No Attention to the West Virginia Woman Who Shot and Killed the Man Who Tried to Murder Her


We’ve been reliably told by some of the smartest people in America — just ask them — that defensive gun uses are few and far between. That the idea of the “good guy with a gun” is just a myth perpetuated by rabid gun nuts.

But whatever the number of defensive gun uses actually occur in the US every year may be — there’s a lot of theories as to the real number — how many DGUs is “enough?” What’s the threshold number of assaults stopped, rapes prevented, and lives saved beyond which even anti-gunners would concede that guns are a net benefit to society?

Spoiler alert: the answer is, shut up.

Nevermind that the CDC acknowledges that the number of DGUs range from 60,000 to 2.5 million annually, depending on who’s counting. Forget that the crimes prevented and lives saved side of the guns-in-society equation dwarfs the number of people who are killed using firearms every year (most of whom commit suicide).

No, as far as the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is concerned, no amount of societal good can counterbalance the evils of gun ownership by non-government employees. So don’t even bother bringing up an example like what happened over the weekend to a woman in West Virginia when you talk to them.

Granted, the unidentified woman reportedly used a gun to defend herself against a man who had attacked her from behind and said he was going to kill her. But to the gun control industry, that’s simply not enough reason to allow someone like you — or any other civilian — to own firearms.

Early Sunday morning, forty-seven-year-old Donald Frame hit the woman in question from behind, kicked her while she was down, and then got on top of her to finish the job.

From . . .

Deputies said Frame attacked the victim by striking her in the back of the head and then kicking her while on the ground.

The [Lewis County Sheriff’s Office] press release reads, “Mr. Frame then began choking the female while stating to her that he was going to kill her.”

It goes on to state, “The female was able to draw a small handgun from her pocket shooting Frame one time in the chest.”

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found Mr. Frame beginning to assume ambient temperature. He won’t be jumping any more women from behind.

As heartening a story as this may be, don’t bother waiving it in the face of someone like Shannon Watts or Kris Brown. They’ll just purse their priggish lips, slowly shake their disapproving head at your persistent ignorance, and inform you that owning a gun doesn’t make a woman safer.

They’ll parrot the claim that deluded women who own firearms will only have them taken away and used against them. Then they’ll explain to you, in an exasperated tone, that the very idea of a woman successfully using a gun to defend herself against a male attacker is just a big lie. One that’s spread by the gun industry to sell more product.

So forget about that un-named West Virginia woman who saved her own life a few days ago because she had a gun in her pocket. Like so many others, you’ve bought the industry propaganda. You clearly have no idea what you’re doing or the risks you take when you own and carry a gun. You idiot.

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