Five Best Reloading Books a Ammunition Reloader Needs on His Shelf

Master ammunition reloader, Bob Shell, lists the very best reloading books that every reloader should have on his or her shelf.

Top Five Reloading Books Every Ammunition Reloader Needs

Apache Junction, AZ – -( Anyone who contemplates getting into ammunition reloading needs a variety of tools and equipment.

At the top of that list of equipment is reloading manuals.

It would be impossible to attempt to load ammo without the proper info. There are many manuals that are good and contain creditable information. There are some specialized reloading books that cover issues like black powder or making blanks. There are older reloading books with great data, but for the beginner, they are not an ideal choice for the neophyte.

Warning: Do not take reloading data from the web unless it is published by a creditable source. Anyone can put info online but not all are qualified to do so.

There are many other good publications available and some are very specialized. For instance, Norma produces a nice book but they only list Norma powders so its usefulness is limited. I have many books but I do a lot of specialized loading especially obsolete rounds so I have such books as the classic The Complete Guide to HandLoading

by Sharpe, but some first edition used copies of that one will run you $1000.00+.

Like guns, you can’t have too many reloading books and most powder and bullet companies have online loading info, plus you can call or e-mail many of them if you have a question. The ammunition reloader has never had it so good.

For the beginning reloader, I suggest manuals published by one of the bullet or powder company. The people who establish the data are qualified engineers and have the best equipment so if their published directions are followed correctly you are on safe ground.

The 5 reloading books that follow will cover virtually all of the reloading that most folks will ever do and are the ones I work the most with.

  • SIERRA BULLETS Reloading Manual & Video
  • Hornady – Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading
  • Hodgdon Powder Co. – Annual Reloading Manual
  • Lyman Reloading Handbook
  • Barnes Reloading Manual Number 30745

SIERRA BULLETS Reloading Manual & Video

The Sierra bullet company has been making quality bullets for over 60 years. If their bullets have one strong suit it is their exceptional accuracy. They have published a number of manuals over the years but because of the rapid developments in guns, bullets, and powder, it has to be updated regularly. So they produce the SIERRA BULLETS Reloading Manual in yearly updated addition.

It is a loose-leaf product and in my last count, has over 1100 pages of info. Besides reloading and velocity data it contains many hints on how to reload ammo in a safe manner. There are places for your notes as well. I have visited their plant and lab and everything is top drawer. They market reloading videos and a few bullet jackets for those who might want to make their own jacketed projectiles. For info on the SIERRA BULLETS reloading manual, you can go to the link above.

SIERRA BULLETS 5th Edition Reloading Manual
SIERRA BULLETS Reloading Manual

Hornady – Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading

Like Sierra, Hornady Ammunition has been around for a long time. Not only do they make bullets, but brass and loaded ammo are also on the menu. They are also a major producer of reloading tools and equipment.

The Hornady Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading [get yourself the newest eddition] is a manual that contains the usual reloading information plus some reloading tips. Case dimensions are also included along with the type of gun used. The latest book contains over 1000 pages. In the back, there is a glossary and other useful info.

Keep in mind that the bullet makers use their own bullets when developing the data. That’s not a bad thing but something to keep in mind.

Like the other manuals, they list the type of gun and barrel length which is desirable information. They list the sectional density and ballistic coefficient of their bullets which is important info when selecting a bullet for a specific purpose. For purchase info on the Hornady – Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading.

Hornady - Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading
Hornady – Handbook Of Cartridge Reloading

Hodgdon Annual Manual Reloading

The Hodgdon powder company doesn’t produce bullets but makes a large selection of gunpowder. In addition, they own the IMR powder company and recently picked up the Goex black powder line. They also own the Vihtavuori and Winchester powder lines. In addition, they market Pyrodex and Triple 7’s and White Hots which are tablets so they cover any gun powder solutions you might need.

The Hodgdon Powder Co. – Annual Reloading manual is a softcover magazine-style reloading book that is updated yearly and contains a few articles on reloading as well as over 5,000 loads covering all of the modern rounds. The nice thing is they use different brands of bullets and specify the bullet used in that load. The powder selection is also outstanding and did I mention they update the issue annually. For the thrifty buyer, this is the manual to purchase. Click here for info on purchasing the Hodgdon Powder Co. – Annual Reloading Manual.

Hodgdon Powder Co. - Annual Reloading Manual
Hodgdon Powder Co. – Annual Reloading Manual

Lyman Reloading Handbook

Lyman has been around since the 19’th century. They produced and still make reloading tools and molds. Their company is also marketing such items as chronographs and bore lights. They also produce a cast bullet manual and I would highly recommend it for the cast bullet reloading buff. The regular manual has info on reduced and cast bullets as well. The Lyman manual is over 450 pages and is full size at 8 &1/2” X 11 hardback. Black powder guns are among some of the other items available. For more info or to buy a copy of the Lyman Reloading Handbook.

Lyman Reloading Handbook
Lyman Reloading Handbook

Barnes Bullets Reloading Manual

Since lead-free bullets are becoming popular, the Barnes reloading book should be on your reloading bookshelf. They have been making copper and brass bullets for some years and have a good reputation. A pure copper bullet is longer than a cup and core of the same weight and shape. That means that the loading data may be different.

Fred Barnes who made premium bullets in his basement started the company in 1932. Later on they started making the copper bullets and muzzle loading projectiles.

I have been to the Barns factory and their equipment and quality control is first quality. They now make some loaded ammo and sell their bullets to other companies. For more info on the Barnes Reloading Manual.

Barnes Reloading Manual Number 30745
Barnes Reloading Manual Number 30745

As much as the thrifty side of me hates to admit it all serious reloaders, both beginner and expert, should have my top picks for best reloading books above their gun bench.

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